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Remodeling and Home Design Ideas

Survival Guide to a Whole Home Remodel

Posted by AdvantageRemodel on 09.05.17

Survival Guide to a Whole Home Remodel.jpgRemodeling takes time, energy, effort, money, patience, persistence, and a big sigh of relief when all is said and done. Even when you’re not laboring yourself, it takes work! From planning the project, choosing a contractor, selecting materials, paying the bill, and then living through the construction, you may find yourself both mentally and physically exhausted. Rest assured, there is hope. Working with the proper design build firm, to ease your sensibilities throughout the process, is the first step in coming out of the process alive. The second step is following the suggested survival guide rules to your whole home remodel:

  • Plan Ahead: In order to keep your sanity amid construction, it’s essential that you plan ahead. Rearrange rooms, move appliances, store things out of the way, and simply make-do before the remodeling begins. In some situations, you stay home during the remodel and in others, you’ll want find a place to stay. If staying at home, make sure to organize the essentials so they are easy to get to while construction is going on.


  • Keep Your Routine: Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, sticking to your daily habits may just well save your sanity. When everything else is out of sorts and inconvenient, your morning coffee ritual, afternoon workout, carpool schedule, and bedtime routine will help you to keep your ducks in a row and maintain a sense of calm and clarity. Even if you must swap out an evening soak in the tub for a quick shower in the guest bath while your master spa is under-construction, sticking to what you know and maintaining your common ground as best as possible will certainly help you survive the process.


  • Put Waste in its Place: While clean build techniques avoid a lot of the dust and debris, there will still be tidying up that will need to happen at the end of each day. Before construction begins, arrange a special place for debris with your contractor, and agree for the mess to be placed in that dumpster, garage, or garbage bin at the end of every work day. With less clutter about, you’ll really see progress, and your remodeling contractor can better protect parts of your home that are not under construction. You may even want to arrange for added protection of things like flooring, furniture, and wall coverings throughout the process with sheets, blankets, and specialized wrapping.


  • Treat Yourself: Give yourself compassion. This process is rough. Maybe a few nights out to dinner to escape the stress is the answer. Maybe it’s a weekend trip to Grandma’s house. Or, maybe you need to take a full-on tropical vacation for a short period during your remodel. You’re investing a great deal into your current and future home and you deserve a bit of a break. Congratulations. Treat yourself, go ahead.
  • Communicate: Just as in any relationship, communication with your contractor is key. Make sure you touch base with your contractor often, staying up to date with timelines, changes, and progress reports, simply to keep yourself on track and to protect your sanity.
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