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Remodeling and Home Design Ideas

Smart Technology to Include in Your Next Home Remodel

Posted by AdvantageRemodel on 08.10.17

Smart Technology to Include in Your Next Home Remodel.jpgNow that you’re ready to jump into your home remodeling project, it’s time to start thinking about both aesthetic design and functional design. Fortunately, as we are well into the 21st century, there are plenty of smart technology devices to include in your home that you may just feel like you’re living in the dream home of the Jetson’s – step into the future of home technology trends.


As Wi-Fi signals are readily available, it’s time to up the ante on home security. From security doorbell cameras, door keypads, and smart locks (that even offer fingerprint access), and smoke or burglar alarm notifications, you’re able to make your home safer than ever. Additionally, these devices all have the capability to connect to your smartphone via the internet, which means you can be notified each time your front door opens, your keypad lock is accessed, the neighborhood kids ring your doorbell, or if your smoke alarm ignites, even if you’re miles away.

Smart Home Hub

In addition to security and safety access via your phone, a smartphone “hub” will also allow you to access and control things like lighting, temperature, and even other appliances (like your TV) while you’re away. Just think, you’re running late and you can’t wait to cozy up in front of a warm fireplace while dinner is in the oven…it’s all you can do to make it home in the damp, dark, cold. Well, with just a few swipes on the phone, you’re able to turn up the heat, flip the switch of your fireplace, and preheat the oven with a little mood lighting to boot, creating just the perfect atmosphere for when you walk in after a long day. Maybe next the smart home hub will run the bath for you? If not, in any case, you’ll still be able to strategically turn on the lights or the heat at just the right time.

Smart Appliances

Speaking of the intelligence of appliances, the latest in home technology trends includes innovative family hub refrigerators! You’re able to leave notes, sync calendars, and display your photos all within the touch screen technology of luxury fridges. Some appliances also include features to help you check your grocery list and fridge “status” from your phone. If you forgot your list at home or can’t remember how much milk is lurking in your fridge, simply open the app to scan your chilled inventory right from the store! Life certainly is getting easier.

With all of this now at your fingertips, the question is will you jump on the bandwagon during your next remodel? A recent CEDIA survey suggests that nearly half of renovating homeowners are incorporating "smart" technology (these systems or devices that can be monitored or controlled via smartphone, tablet, or computer) in their projects. These homeowners also report greater levels of satisfaction with their upgraded smart features than their non-smart features. Go ahead, allow yourself to be more efficient in your new home remodel.

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