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Remodeling and Home Design Ideas

Survival Guide to a Whole Home Remodel

Remodeling takes time, energy, effort, money, patience, persistence, and a big sigh of relief when all is said and done. Even when you’re not laboring yourself, it takes work! From planning the project, choosing a contractor, selecting materials, paying the bill, and then living through the construction, you may find yourself both mentally and physically exhausted. Rest assured, there is hope. Working with the proper design build firm, to ease your sensibilities throughout the process, is the first step in coming out of the process alive. The second step is following the suggested survival guide rules to your whole home remodel:

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Pros and Cons of Different Kitchen Layouts

As you’re mulling over the kitchen design of your soon to be renovated cooking space, it may seem hard to believe that most kitchens can be broken down into variations of six very basic layouts:

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