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Remodeling and Home Design Ideas

How to Find the Perfect Kitchen Style

Posted by AdvantageRemodel on 09.12.17

How to Find the Perfect Kitchen Style.bmpYour kitchen design is ultimately a reflection of your personality. We spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen, which means the way we layout the space, use the space, and decorate the space is a direct reflection of both our lifestyle and who we are. We cook, we eat, we drink, we entertain, we chat, we sit, we do homework, we clean, etc. We do all of this in the central hub of the home: the kitchen. That said, this sacred space really should reflect a bit about our character.

There are plenty of kitchen design styles out there. No matter the existing layout or footprint of the space, there are many options in terms of décor, theme, and flair from which to choose.

Common options include:

  • Traditional

  • Timeless at heart, a traditional kitchen is one for those whose lives truly center around friends and family. Holiday entertaining, large dining room gatherings, and the comforts of home are what make you most happy. Paneled doors, warm colors, large light fixtures, and a few artisanal and vintage touches  are the perfect backdrop for your traditional turkey dinner in this style of kitchen.
  • Eternal Elegance

  • Bright white cabinets, gray arabesque backsplashes, and marble countertops with crystal light fixtures reflect the epitome of class and elegance. Add a giant French range and a built-in refrigerator and you’re set to entertain royalty. If this sounds like you, and you prefer to wear a crown, a kitchen with “eternal elegance” is certainly for you. Don’t forget to include an island so that you can gather around for a champagne toast every so often.
  • French Country

  • Imagine a small, boutique hotel in the south of France. The fixtures are gloriously timeworn and everything smells of romance. Pastels abound, the woodwork is intricate, and all the accessories seem to be hand-made. Copper pots and tufted stools add to the final touches. Does this sound like a dream come true? Then a French country kitchen it is for you!
  • Mediterranean

  • This time the walls are rustic, you’re surrounded by wrought-iron and brushed bronze fixtures, the lighting and colors are both rich and subtle, and you can smell the Italian seasoning and fresh herbs wafting through the air over the inset brick-backed range. You are in an Italian villa. Yep, this one is for you…even add an outdoor seating area to your Mediterranean style kitchen to kick up the dream just a notch.
  • Modern

  • Do you feel sleek and sophisticated? Clean lines, monochromatic colors, lacquered cabinetry, and pressed glass countertops – not an appliance, knick knack, or dusting of clutter in sight: a modern and contemporary kitchen is for you. If this is the direction you take, consider amazing light fixtures and colored faucets and cabinet pulls to add just a bit more flair to your contemporary masterpiece.


Regardless of your overall home footprint, dare to choose the kitchen style that suits you and your personality best for your next kitchen remodel!

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